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     Speedhorse Company Limited was established from the inovating idea of Ms. Patchanee Napaysanun who has accumulated her knowledge through years of working experiences. She had learned all kind of working systems, both efficient and inefficient and applied them to set up a company of her own under thename of Speedhorse Company Limited on April 19, 1995 which located at 601/25 soi.Ramkamheang 39 Tienruammitr Road, Wangthonglang, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310.

     As the CEO,Ms. Patchanee Napaysanun brings all her accumulated work experiences to conduct an efficient business operation. To maximize our customer's satisfaction, our company has improve and develop our staffs to be professional and specialized. This makes our company the most reliable company during the last 10 years and still going on.


   Speedhorse Company operates our way of service in accordance with the needs of our customers. We replace staffs in a timely manner so our customers can operate their business smoothly.
    We also replace new staffs in the case that the first staff we placed for the customer didn't meet the customer's requirement.

    We agree to compensate the customer if we failed to replace the staffs to the customer as stated in the contract.

    With long vision and ability to foresee the upcoming problems, Speedhorse Company has set up contingency plans in order to keep our service as smooth as possible. Our contingency plans also cover those details such as daily, monthly, and yearly staffing.


    Speedhorse Company operates delivery business and staffing service. We do staffing for our contracted customers. There are many specialized fields in our staffing area such as
1. drivers (all kind of vehicles - Thai and foreign executives)
2. administrative officers and data-entry officers
3. messengers
4. janitors
5. security guards
We provide transfer service for our customers who have temporary staffs. We also provide staffing in daily, weekly, and monthly by specialized field. Copyright 2006
Address : 6601/25 Ramkhamhaeng 39 Thiamruammitr Rd. Wangthonglang Wangthonglang Bangkok 10310
Tel. : 662-934-4709-10   Fax : 662-934-4860